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In the June 2009 issue of Elle Decor, Margaret Russell used the phrase “ruthlessly edit” when it comes to cleaning out. That has stuck with me ever since and as you know, I am going at it strong. I have gathered up some of my favorite inspirational images which all fall into organization category on my Pinterest site. Sometimes it can be a simple idea, a big idea, a whole concept or just a trick – no matter what it is, I hope these images help you to get your closet/dresser/bedroom/whole home organized in 2012, as they are helping me. I am keeping what I use and love, and if I don’t it get’s donated.

Keeping your entryway free of clutter will help de-stress coming and leaving home.

Luxurious boxes for organizing smaller items make keeping things straight easier.

A clean organized laundry room means less painful laundry time.

Movie stars always seem so organized, Keri Russel included.

File organization – I love it!

A crafter? No excuses for not having your supplies all tidied and organized,

it makes projects so much easier and fun.

Again… Colors, fabric swatches, scissors and markers all neatly organized.

This is right up my alley….

I came across this great roundup of organization tips for kids here.

I’m getting my black belt in organiziation….really.


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