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A case for the modern home

Antiques, gorgeous wallpapers, vintage fabrics, historic colors, silver picture frames- I love them all. What do I also love? Modern Architecture. I am not going to discuss bare white interiors, but for those of you who aren’t convinced, I am going to try to sway you to start to look at the exteriors in a new way.

Picture 32_2

Free of ornament one truly enjoys seeing the structure for the shape, understanding the function and respecting the materials. The beauty of a house like this truly is in the architecture, the contrasting elements of the surface and windows, and understanding the footprint. Possibly the bigger windows are for hallways and public spaces, and the smaller windows are representative of private spaces (bedrooms and bathrooms). The connection with nature is outstanding, you can enjoy the landscape as it was intended.

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When I was in design school I first saw the Douglas House(completed 1973), which is on Lake Michigan by Richard Meier and have never forgotten it. Nestled in the tress, I think it is amazing.

Picture 33

It is hard for me to judge what living inside a modern house would be like when I have never have. Mine wouldn’t be white and black dressed with steel framed furniture, there would be color, but it would defer in design with respect to the architecture.

Modernists see beauty in a different way. Who says I can’t love it all?

Maybe I am a modern girl with an old soul.

Picture 26

Are you swayed, don’t like it or were you with me already?

Photo Credits: Scott Frances

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