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A Nautical Spring

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that blue and white is one of my favorite color combinations.

It feels fresh, crisp and clean just like a nice spring day.

I love the mix of elements and different shades of blue in the below room which was featured in Coastal Living.

Tobi Fairley always gets color just right!

What a fun and chic baby look.

Another great mix of blues and prints (remember my greenery post).

I love the tile and the blue circles continued from the floor to the wall.

Another classic is blue and white export porcelain.

I’ll end the week on a blue and white note, have a great weekend!


Images: Casar e Decorar (1), APD Architects (2), Coastal Living (3),  Tobi Fairley (4), Baby Box (5), Good Bones Great Pieces blog (6), Design Manifest blog (7),  Brabourne Farm (8).


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