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Amanda Talley & the NY Times

I’ve posted about Amanda Talley’s art work before as I have the pleasure of seeing her and her fantastic paintings on my trips to New Orleans. I couldn’t help but notice that the work on the cover of the NY Times Home Section today looks exactly like Amanda’s. At first glance I wondered if it is her work, and upon reading it, I realized a woman in New Orleans copied Amanda’s work onto a drop cloth.

A few example’s of Amanda’s original art…

This woman knows Amanda and her art so there’s no saying she just happened to come up with this idea on her own; big thumbs down in my opinion. She carries Amanda’s work in her shop in New Orleans and on her 1stdibs site.

I don’t usually get too opinionated on my blog, but I have to say I really think this is wrong. This is not “inspiration”, this is stealing someone else’s work and a major lapse in judgement. I think the NY Times should run Amanda’s work on the cover of the Arts Section and Amanda should get some serious credit for her talents.

Recently I found out that a friends blog posts were getting copied too. Dear copiers- come up with your own material! It’s the only way to be a true artist in any capacity.

I’d love to hear your thoughts…


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