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Sometimes thinking outside the box with traditional seating plans allows for a better use of space if you have a large room. Back to back sofas are a great way to do this. I like how Amanda Nisbet successfully put a thin console with bright red lamps in between two sofas.

Picture 21

Picture 20

Windsor Smith also did it well and one side allows for a seating area with a tv and the other side not.

Picture 24

Picture 25

One of my favorite sofa frames in a beautiful dark velvet by Joe Nahem.

Picture 22

And though a little hard to see the far side, Jeffrey Bilhuber did a fabulous job allowing one sofa to be facing inside and one to enjoy the view and fresh air on the other side.

Picture 23

Oh so fun and chic in Elle Decor May 2005.

Picture 15

Big room? There are always solutions.

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