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Blonde Appeal

Looking at different types of flooring choices for clients, I often gravitate  towards dark flooring, but lately I have been really loving light floors as well.. as they are often referred to as blonde floors. Light flooring can really lift a room and create a very simple clean slate to build upon, much like white walls. An additional bonus about blonde floors is that they tend to transition well as your style sense matures or changes over the years. Some people worry that blonde floors show their age over the years, but I am in the camp who loves how lived in wood flooring looks as time marches on.

This modern space has light floors that show off slightly different shades of blonde.

These natural wood floors really add a sense of history and age to this hallway.

The blonde flooring in this next living room is played down by the dark features and large pieces of furniture placed in the room.

This bathroom is beautifully steam-lined and has a very earthy feeling to it.

This kitchen space is incredibly light and airy.

This small loft space is accented by blonde flooring throughout.

To me light floors seem to work better in more modern spaces, as I think darker woods seem better suited for older and more traditional homes.

I am going to keep my eyes out for light colored floors in a more traditional setting, more to come. I am curious what your thoughts are.


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