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Bookcases Styled

Bookcases don’t only serve as a fantastic way to organize and store your book collection, but they also can give a great sense of style to a room. There is nothing more that I like than a well styled bookcase – kind of like a great, well-made purse!

This bookcase styled by Hilary Thomas stores stacks of magazines and as a display case for art, ceramics and sculptures.

A mixture of objects, sizes and book direction creates a soothing visual appeal.

These paired bookcases help section off this office. The bookcase serves as additional work space storage providing shelving and space for baskets to conceal papers.

This interesting bookcase contains objects that have all been painted white, vases and books. I love the perfect symmetry created by using built-in bookcases on either side of the fireplace.

This built in bookcase shows off carefully curated pieces while consciously ensuring that each side is equally proportioned.

Some bookcases I styled for a client…

One of my bookcases is packed with books, going in every which direction. I bought my first ibook last week (Bossypants- which gave me a serious laugh). It was easy and convenient to read electronically but I hope the real deals stick around, I’m a book kind of girl.


Image credits: Hilary Thomas for Lonny Magazine (1), Calvin Tsao for Elle Decor (2), Deb Nelson for House and Home (3), S.R. Gambrel (4 & 5), Suzanne Kasler (6), and Emily Henderson (7).

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