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cane + wicker

Rattan furniture has been popular in the United States for a few hundred years and dates back to 2000 B.C. when it was used to weave chests and chairs in Egypt. Rattan encompasses hundreds of types of palms, cane furniture is made from the outer layer of a palm and wicker is made from the inner core. Cane chairs are high on my list as they are comfortable to the back, sturdy and look smart.

I love the form of these cane chairs from the Madeline Stuart Collection.

Even in a more transitional setting a cane sofa looks great.

Martha Stewart makes a nice cane slipper chair for Bernhardt and I love the second one from Ralph Lauren.

Wicker is very easy to paint and stain and therefore can become versatile. It is also relatively inexpensive and readily available.

Wicker is also great outdoors because it is very durable.

That covered porch looks just like my kind of spot. Nice light fixture too.

Photo Credits: Robyn Bell via House Beautiful, David Kleinberg, Madeline Stuart, Chris Barrett via House Beautiful, Martha Stewart, Ainsworth Noah, Peter Denham, House & Home, Southern Accents

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