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Christmas Paper

Christmas is six weeks from Friday and it’s not too early to start thinking about all of your Christmas paper needs. I try not to include the week of Thanksgiving and the week of Christmas in my Christmas preparations which allows for those weeks to concentrate on cooking, entertaining, enjoying time with family and friends (and a little last minute assemblying) . First I need to go to the attic and take stock of the paper, ribbons, tags and gift stickers I still have from last year.

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Christmas tags just keep getting better looking and they aren’t so hard to make. Etsy has many great options and there are some helpful online tutorials to make your own. Nordstrom’s has adorable free holiday gift tags you can print out. Put in a sheet of very heavy stock paper and you are set.

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Shipping presents? I saw this cute one on Lilac & Ivy.

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A sticker or stamp is always great on a box, card or small gift you might leave at your neighbors door.

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There are so many great holiday card options. I think I am set with the picture of the boys (phew!) and this week I am going to chose and order my card. I have been checking out what Courtney over at Style Court is suggesting in the way of Holiday Cards and browsing through one of my favorite paper sites More Than Paper. In previous years I have ordered great looking cards from William Arthur and Whitney English. I always chose a fold over card and I like all the options at Tiny Prints as well. I think I know a few people who would enjoy this card too.

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While I am not quite ready to think about wrapping there are a few tricks you can do to make wrapping easier. Have your kids draw or paint on craft paper for fun and inexpensive wrapping paper which you can buy in big quantities. White plain paper with different colored ribbon is a great option too.

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Keep extra small boxes that might be used for gifts when wrapped up.

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Think about buying paper in color blocks. Last year I did red bows for one boy and green for the other.

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Paper Source has some great papers and ideas for the holidays. The one in Charlotte is always a favorite stop of mine.



Since last week I picked up a few items to put together my own transitional wreath.


an artificial wreath, some loose berries,


some matching ribbon and I am set.


My door hanger was a little short (and black) so I attached some extra ribbon to the bottom to hang the wreath a little lower and then I double backed to make it look like it’s hanging from the ribbon. I am happy with how it turned out. This will hold me over until early December when my decorations go up.


I got lots of great emails and comments about everyone’s transitional wreath which I loved hearing about. Let me know what you are up to this week. Readers like to read comments to so if you have a favorite holiday paper website please share it with everyone. Do you use any Christmas paper that I am not? Favorite cards? Would love to hear!

What I am doing this week:

-Ordering Christmas Cards with our return address on the envelope and ordering pictures. I already got my stamps online.

-Taking stock of what I still have from last year and buying tags, wrapping paper, ribbon and stickers as needed.

-Starting my gift list.

-Buying a gingerbread house for the boys before they all get sold out.

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