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Deck the Decks

There are many ways to add character and design to a deck, especially if you don’t get to start with a mountain view.A comfortable outdoor seating arrangements with removable cushions is a great way to enhance a deck. The deck below also has many potted plants on it which help to bring the outdoors onto the deck.Combining an eating area near a seating area is a great way to get a multi-functioning deck. Teak is a wonderful wood to use outside.I love the character of the deck below in England, kind of that not-too-perfect English look.The outdoor lights, mixed seating arrangements, different outdoor rugs and pretty plants all add so much to this outdoor deck.What fun lighting in the trees! I’d love to see a night time photo with some large pillar candles in them.

Adding a covered area can bring some shade to an outdoor deck. I love the suspended window panes at the rear of this deck. The row of potted plants on the left is a great way to divide the space and add details.I was talking to my mom about a blog post on decks a few weeks ago and she smartly called it “deck the decks”. So I give her credit for a cute title- if you’ve been reading my blog a while you know I get much of my creative side from her.

Images: Sunset (1-2), Architectural Digest (3), The Manchester Deck Co. LTD (4), HGTV (5), Ivillage (6) Houzz (7),

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