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Eddie Ross at Metrolina

We had a wonderful time at Metrolina on Friday, shopping with Eddie Ross. Eddie is full of ingenious ideas, from repurposing antiques to creating a beautiful table setting and using pieces in ways you’d never before imagined. With a wealth of information on silver, china and everything in between, he really knows his stuff. For those of you who haven’t gotten to see him tour a flea market or for those who are always interested in hearing creative tips, I am going to pass along some of his great ideas. As we started through one of the tents, Eddie suggested using these buttons as magnets, calling them “Kate Spade for your refrigerator”. Other ideas included sewing them onto pillows and sweaters for one-of-a-kind pieces.

A big fan of colored glass, ceramics and jadeite, Eddie likes to use them for unexpected purposes, like holding makeup brushes on a vanity or flatware at a dinner buffet.

He recently mounted a large piece of fabric in plexiglass and used it as a headboard for a little girl’s room.

Be on the lookout for pretty tape and ribbon. They can be sewn onto tablecloths, curtains, duvets or even bath mats for a totally new look.

Matte vintage prints using burlap, lace or linen for a unique and personal touch.

Stack cake servers and platters on top of each other or on trays to display flowers and food.

Eddie collects silver flatware and saves it for gift-giving occasions. He suggested that an antique serving spoon would be perfect to have monogrammed as a wedding gift, and vintage flatware also makes a wonderful gift for a hostess.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match. A rustic tablecloth and more contemporary china or a bold tablecloth and traditional china can each make for a pleasing pairing. He also suggested turning old postcards into place settings for upcoming holiday dinners.

One of Eddie’s most firm beliefs is to buy what you love. If you can only find one or two pieces of a set (or can only afford one or two pieces), display them on a shelf or on the wall until the set is complete, or mix them in with pieces you already own. I asked Eddie how to go about expanding my own collection and he suggested taking your main dinner plate with you when shopping so there’s no question as to if new pieces will match!

For more shopping tips, DIY projects and ideas for entertaining, visit Eddie’s blog here. Many thanks to Eddie & Jaithan for a very rewarding shopping trip!

Photo Credits: Martha Stewart (3, 9) & Eddie Ross

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