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Georgian Classic

Henrietta Spencer Churchill is not as well recognized in the US as she is in England, but she is a fabulous classical decorator who really understands the beauty  of antiques and their construction, historic colors and wallpapers, and space flow. If I were to refer to any designer for a British classical reference I would refer to her. Some images from her book Classic Georgian Style.

While we were in New York I had the opportunity to work on an apartment with a good friend and client. I wish I had some before pictures as the rooms were empty and bare. On a great corner on the Upper East Side, their apartment became a home. No matter the style, this is my intention for all of my clients. To make their home be as comfortable and in the style that they are the happiest. Here are a few interior pictures…

My sister was here for a visit last week. She and her husband live in a two bedroom apartment on the upper west side in New York City and we are getting to work. Sarah is traditional in her style, and I am excited to be able to help them. While Sarah and I were shopping for furniture, rugs and fabric here are a few things we looked at. 

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