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Great Lady Decorators: Present

To follow up on my Great Lady Decorators: Past post, I thought it might be fun to feature the work of a few of the current lady greats who have graced us with their amazing designs and phenomenal creativity in the 20th and 21st centuries!

Bunny Williams worked for twenty-two years with Parish-Hadley Associates before striking out on her own in 1988. Known for her beautifully orchestrated and classic designs, I have been admiring her work for years.
Bunny’s own apartment.
Charlotte Moss is summed up by her businesses by-line: “A Flair for Living”! The queen of luxury is incredibly accomplished; she has written seven books, serves on the boards of several charities, has won multiple awards and has designed home furnishings collections too.  I have shared my admiration for Charlotte before here.
Some of her work.
Mariette Himes Gomez opened her own design business almost thirty years ago and hasn’t stopped since. Known for integrating heirlooms with fine artwork and luxurious antiques, Mariette’s style is best defined as ‘simplicity at its finest’.
Some of Mariette’s work as featured in Architectural Digest.
Barbara Barry has experienced tremendous success with her ever-expanding company.  Her products are elegant and incredibly tasteful – from her candles to her textiles.
Irish-born Clodagh is now based in New York. Her work features modern designs that use different textures to bring warmth into a modern space.
Some of my other favorite lady greats:
Who else is on your list?
Images: Bunny Williams (1-2), Charlotte Moss (3-4), Mariette Himes Gomez (5), Mariette Himes Gomez for Architectural Digest (6), Traditional Home (7), Barbara Barry for Architectural Digest (8), Clodagh (9),  Victoria Hagan (10), Suzanne Kasler (11) Alexa Hampton (12), Kelly Wearstler (13).
Holly Hunt
Rose Cummings
Sheila Bridges

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