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Greek Key

 I enjoy writing about the connections between past and present aspects of interior design and architecture. Everything that is current now has a source of inspiration and a piece of the past. The Greek Key has been used for centuries in architecture and design. I don’t think designers can get enough of it! While it is most often referred to as the Greek Key, it can be found in Ancient Egypt and China.

 The Parthenon, Athens, Greece (447-438 BC). Classical Style, Doric Columns.


Greek Key Detail (also know as Fret)


The mazes of British gardens (Hatfield House below) were based on the mazes of Rome (who borrowed it from the Greeks).


It became a popular design on furniture. Regency Mahogany Sofa Table with Greek Key Design, ca. 1810, England 


Suzanne Sharp for The Rug Company


Amanda Nisbet


Garrow Kedigian


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Like it? I do.

Photo Credits: Parthenon, Greek Key, Hatfield House, William Word Fine Antiques, The Rug Company, Amanda Nisbet Design,  Garrow KedigianWilliam Sonoma Home

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