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Greek Revival- New but old

This Greek Revival house in the Hudson Valley was built in 1790.


I would have guessed that the house below was built around 1825, but it was built in 1999. Gil Schafer, a Manhattan architect, couldn’t find one in the area to renovate so he built one instead. He stayed  true to the principles of Greek Revival architecture with a two story central portico, doric columns and pediment. The front door not centered, the kitchen wing on one side and the porch on the other are all neo-classical architectural elements. During that period (1790’s-1830’s), Greek Revivalism was applied to literature, art, our governmental system, furniture & interiors, as well as architecture.


The traditional colors of Greek Revival walls were beige or pastel, but I do like the choice of orange  with the white moldings. The fireplace also incorporates neo-classical elements such as columns and woodwork detailing.  Other elements true to Greek Revival style interiors are stenciling, ornamental plasterwork and gilding.


The wide plank flooring is old, which really helps keep it authentic feeling.


What a great contemporary kitchen with a nice fireplace in it. A fireplace certainly would have been in the kitchen in 1825.


Hand-painted two tone stripes on the walls. The two shades of green are just right.


Wallpaper on the walls and the ceiling, an old and current practice.


A canpoy bed in a British Colonial feeling bedroom draped with Indian print fabric.


What a view to work from (with modern heating along the baseboard).


I would have thought that at one time a buggy was inside this carriage house but it too is new.


Many years ago I visited Oak Alley Plantation near New Orleans and it is absolutely beautiful. It was built in 1839 and is one of the few remaining plantation houses with a simple symetrical plan and a beautiful portico with Greek detail.




First image from google images, Hudson Valley House images from the NY Times, Oak Alley Plantation

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