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Guest Blogger: Pink to Green

A few years ago I found the wonderful blog Pink to Green and connected with the writer Megan Leanderson. Soon after we started emailing I learned she was moving from New Zealand to Charlotte. We met and instantly became friends. Her blog posts are just what I love to read about- healthy living, great recipes and fun design ideas. To read about her journey from her engagement, to a 20 month stint with her husband in New Zealand and back to Charlotte click here. Yes, she is the beautiful bride below! Meg wrote a great blog post for today to share with my readers on healthy house ideas for spring.

I’m thrilled to be posting on Laura’s blog today; I gain so much inspiration from her work!  As a design enthusiast with a passion for healthy living, I’m excited to share with you some simple, green and hopefully gracious ways to get your home ready for spring.


One of the joys of spring is seeing new life sprout all around us.

Adding plants to your home brings that celebration inside as well as cleans the air in your surroundings.

Budding branches in a demijohn are beautiful.

Forcing groups of hyacinth in a vintage vessel.

Starting your herb garden in pots indoors.

Take off your shoes

I’ll admit, I don’t do it every time, but particularly in the spring with itchy eyes and fertilizer abound, this simple tip will help green your house tremendously. No one wants to track allergens, chemicals and toxins into their home. Any easy solution is creating a station for your shoes:

Greener Spring Cleaner

It has never been easier to choose eco-friendly cleaning products off-the-shelf.  Method, Seventh Generation and Celadon Road are some of my favorites. However, with just a few household ingredients you can make your own.
These are my essentials for making cleaners for your home; everything from floor cleaner to dishwasher liquid can be made inexpensively and easily with these ingredients:

This is a favorite “recipe” for an all-purpose household cleaner

32 oz spray bottle

2 cups water

½ distilled white vinegar

1 teaspoon pure castile soap (I love lavender)

¾ cup hydrogen peroxide

20 drops of tea tree oil

20 drops of lavender essential oil

Microfiber cloths


Thanks Meg! Be sure to click over to her wonderful blog Pink to Green.

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