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happily repurposed

A client and I were working on a new look for her entry hall. This is the before…


 We wanted to do it as economically as possible and give a younger look to her entry hall. We thought about buying a console, but a great looking one can be pricey. So I slowly walked around her house looking for something to repurpose. I found an old bookcase about console height and we added a piece of plywood to the top.


Drilling some screws into it assured stablilty.


Instead of using regular cotton liner underneath the skirt I used a blackout liner. It gave weight to the skirt and fabric and since it is a light linen it prevented light showing through the fabric. With some inexpensive fabric, liner and white trim at the bottom this bookcase is HAPPILY REPURPOSED into a front console (yes the cookbooks are still underneath)! We also had a piece of glass cut at the local hardware store to protect the top.


My seamstress made this beautiful table skirt and if you can sew yourself all the better…

More great DIY ideas from this client soon. We are having fun doing this together and saving her a lot! 

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