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Happy Easter

Easter is just around the corner and the boys are getting excited to hunt for eggs!

I always turn to reliable Martha Stewart for fun new holiday craft ideas. Here are a few of my favorites (let me know if you try any of them!) for kids and grown ups alike:

Easter egg cards with fabric inserts – a great idea for someone who has lots of extra fabric or paper swatches around.

These wax-dyed eggs really add a cool geometric design to the eggs,

and after painting eggs, these little crepe-paper bunny ears transform them.

I love these easy sewn bags for treats.

There are lots of other simple ideas for making your home feel springy and ready for Easter.

Have a garden? Grab some blooming branches!

Still have a chill in the air? These Welsh pastel blankets will help with that.

Want to bring the outdoors in? Create a wheat grass centerpiece.

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you have a great weekend!


Images: Sweet Paul (1), Martha Stewart (2-6), Purl Bee (7), Creature Comforts (8), Gemma Comas (9), Jen Jones Welsh Quilts (10), and Ecoki (11).


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