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I was in a client’s home office last week, and we discussed how to get started on working on changing her space. I think the best approach to starting an office redo is to designate 15 minutes a day, put it on your calendar if you have to. I am a big proponent of less is more in a home office, the less clutter there is the faster things will get done. Prior to “decorating”, even if you are working in a limited space, your lighting, filing and seating are very important. If you are really working from home all day and plan to for a long time get the best one you can afford. Everyone likes a good- looking chair, but the comfort and positioning are the most important. If you have started a home-based business or work at your computer all day long I recommend the Aeron Chair by Herman Miller or the Leap Chair by Steelcase. The ergonomic features support the body at every position and are height adjustable. They are both pricey but worth it. The Russell Executive Mesh chair is an Aeron Knockoff but gets good reviews for much less.

 Minimal decorations can keep a home office clean and fresh looking.


If you have an older desk you can update your space by using some contemporary lighting or putting a series of framed pictures on the wall.



This office also has a nice sitting area incorporated into it.


Just a small amount of wallpaper can brighten an office as well.


My parents have saved their “vintage” telephone similar to below. If space is limited you can always work a desk into a library or family room.


or put one in the corner of a guest bedroom.


I like the “all white” storage.


My home office is small so I must be organized. I have files nearby that I need to access on a regular basis

and I separately have files that I need less frequently. I could use an idea board as large as this.


Built-in shelving and extra storage help to keep it clutter free.


even basic cabinets next to each other can work.


Do you need to get organized? Click HERE for some fun gadgets to get you started…

This creative idea is a magnetic knife holder installed sideways.



Use a wallboard for inspiration, notes and to-do’s.


What I really need is one of these out back


with this upstairs.


My home office needs a makeover, it might just get one pretty soon…

Photo Credits: Better Homes & Gardens, House to Home, Coastal Home, Point Click Home

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