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John Folsom

Sometimes there is an artist that just has that ability to take an image and make it into something completely different – John Folsom is one of those artists. As a mixed media artist, Folsom integrates photography with painting and focuses on  “…the way in which images of landscape are used or fictionalized to present a personal sense of place .” (John Folsom Online). His ability to present landscapes in a segmented nature is mesmerizing and have found myself fixated on some of his beautiful images. Here is a new piece by Folsom (unnamed, 2011) but with the note: “A new palette, a new approach….”

I am not the first person to fall in love with Folsom’s work, Courtney Barnes from Style Court wrote about his most recent show, Summering at the End of Empire (showed at Marietta-Cobb Museum) here. He is represented in Atlanta through Kessenich Contemporary gallery, you can visit their website and see more of his work for sale by clinking here. Below is an image from Folsom’s 2010 Lake Affected series.

From the Lure of the Lowcountry series (2009) which showed at the Gibbes Museum, a few pieces:

Botany Bay Plantation Salt Erosion

Cumberland Bay

From his travels through Canada, Souvenir IV (Trans Canada Highway), 2008

Old Oil Road, 2006 (from Travelogue)

Carmel Tree, 2006

A collage from his Travelodge and Postcards series

Another one of my favorites from the Lure of the Lowcountry series

His work moves me, you too?


Image Credits: All images of artwork are from John Folsom Online and Kessenich Contemporary with permission.

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