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Kitchen Technology

Kitchen technology has come a long way in the last ten years, especially with the introduction of companies like U-Line.com and Sie Matic. Fusing design with function, appliances and technology don’t need to be bulky or ugly anymore.

US owned and designed U-line.com provides under the counter refrigerators.

These premium space savers are great for smaller spaces or for those that want additional ice making or wine preservation units in your kitchen

These types of units are not as common in the US but are the norm in Europe.

Dutch SieMatic offers high-end kitchen design. These fittings are truly seamless and streamline your kitchen.

They offer a specialized service for small spaces, called SmartDesign. Another nice feature they offer – handle-less fittings!

I love seeing technology incorporated at home. Cool stuff!!

Images: U-Line.com (1-4), and SieMatic (5-8).

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