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Lamps: Pairs or Not

A clients family room has ten-foot ceilings, and I have been giving much thought and sketching out different lamp and side table heights and options. Variables such as ceiling heights, windows, upholstery, furniture proportions and amounts of necessary light comes into play. Depending on the architecture of a space, a floor plan and how many pairs of lamps are necessary for the room, sometimes I will create pairs and sometimes I will put a standing lamp and a side table with a lamp together. Pairs of lamps though are always beautiful. Here’s a look at some pairs of lamps…The lamps in this East Hampton home designed by Victoria Hagan create symmetry in the room.

Designer Christina Murphy uses smaller shapely lamps to surround the sofa.

Slim stream lined lamps keep with the thin sharp angles add visual interest and depth to the room below.

These classic yet modern looking lamps stand out in this room designed by Kelly Wearstler and create a great balance to the space.

I have shown this room before, but I like how Suzanne Kasler used a subtle smaller pair of lamps on the left and a standing lamp to the right.

This striking room, large centipede artwork aside, and pretty chandelier contain a mix of elements and the medium sized traditional lamps create balance but don’t overwhelm the room.

While I like to use pairs of lamps, a room needs a mix of lighting and when there are space constraints such as the far column, one table lamp works well.

This stylish lamp accents but does not overwhelm the art or room.

These unpaired lamps work well near each other because one isn’t more powerful than the next and the focus remains on the art.

Another simple medium size lamp blends nicely into this calm room that has subtle touches of color.

What do you like? Pairs or not?

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