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LCI bookshelf

This bookshelf needed a little TLC…


When working on your shelving the best thing I can suggest is putting all of your books, objects, pictures, art and boxes together in groupings. Try to analyze what you have a lot of or a little of. Lots of books with blue bindings? Not enough pictures frames? If you come up with a plan for how you are going to arrange everything, it won’t seem so daunting. Try to mix up your books and frames, and if you don’t like one section try to pinpoint what exactly you don’t like about it, take it out and start over. Need some more books, go hit the $1-$5 rack at the bookstore. I always find great ones to fill in with. If you aren’t sure, walk away from it and live with it for a few days before going back to it.


More from this clients house soon. Hope you like the bookshelf.

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