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Linen Storage

I have busy days so being organized at home is really important for me. I like to know where everything is and it saves me a lot of time. Friends and clients often say to me that they have a hard time figuring out where to store their extra linens and towels. Chests, dressers and linen presses are great pieces of furniture for storage if you don’t have built-ins.

A vintage armoire can serve as a great storage spot for extra blankets in a bedroom,

and built-in cabinets in bathrooms can be ideal.

 If you have any antique linens, be sure to keep them in acid-free tissue paper which prevents them from turning yellow.

The below photo is just the kind of thing that I like to find and try out.

Using simple ribbons can transform the look of your linen closet and are great for linens you don’t use on a regular basis. If you have a guest room that doesn’t require regular sheet changing this would be a good way to not mix them in with your other sheet sets. I’ve mentioned this trick before, but placing linens within pillowcases helps to keep them organized.

The best thing I’ve discovered- keep only what you really need and use, it makes organization a whole lot easier.

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