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There are so many different beautiful types of finished marble. The process of obtaining marble is complicated and interesting. Marble is actually a type of rock made from limestone, and when the limestone is under a great amount of pressure for hundreds of years, it turns into what we call marble. I love how polished and beautiful the finished product is. Just to give you an idea, here is an image of a marble quarry in Italy.
There are several places that are well known for their marble, including Carrara in Tuscany, Italy. Here is carrara marble as a backsplash in a kitchen and a bathroom.
A beautiful marble bathtub.
Below is an all marble kitchen featured in Luxe Magazine.
I think bathrooms are a good place to use marble on the countertops.
This marble island blends so well into an all white kitchen. I hear mixed reviews from people having marble in their kitchen as their countertops.
Some say they love it and some say never again because it is a sensitive surface.What’s your opinion?
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