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marvelous marble

Lately I have been thinking about using marble in a bathroom, as I love the look of it in a kitchen. Marble makes for beautiful countertops and backsplashes, but there are pros and cons to using this popular stone. It is much more porous than granite, but this can be combated by applying a sealer. Even then however, citrus juice, vinegar and wine can still etch the surface. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – plenty of people actually prefer the look that marble takes on after time. If the risk of etching bothers you, there are maintenance specialists who can pull out stains with a poultice and re-hone the surface. Similarly, using dull, honed marble versus polished will also reduce the appearance of scratches. I love the classic look of Carrara.

How pretty it is on the backsplash.

Calacatta Gold is another very nice option (but pricier).

Another choice is Breccia Imperiale, a more dramatic marble with dark gray and gold veining.

Imperial Danby marble is exclusively from an area in Vermont and is known for its clean white coloration with light veining.

When I heard Bunny Williams speak last spring she said it best about marble in the kitchen…

“The first spill is the worst”.

How do you feel about marble? Can you do use it in a kitchen or do you prefer it in a bathroom?

Photo Credits: Brian McCarthy (1) Victoria Hagan (2) Monelle Totah (3) Suzanne Kasler (4) Katy Naghavi (5) Randall Ridless (6) Eileen Segalman (7) Jodi Caden (8) Carrie Hayden (9) Christopher Peacock (10) Jim Howard (11) Deborah Burke (12)

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