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Misczynskis & Vogue

The February issue of Vogue features a great article about Michael and Alexandra Misczynski. They show a few pictures of their house in the Hollywood Hills built in the 1920’s. It has a good mix of antique and contemporary pieces. In the hallway they have a Giacometti plaster chandelier (Valois, Paris) with a 17th century Italian table. I like the fan edge on both pieces as a way of subtly bringing it together.

Together the Miscynskis run Atelier AM, their interior design studio in LA. She worked for Naomi Leff in NYC and Michael Smith in LA (see my 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue post). He worked for Richard Meier after Rose Tarlow introduced them.  A few shots that Vogue published of their work in clients’ homes.

Most of their interiors are more neutral with a refrain from color. They let their furniture choices be the main frames of the rooms. It all works. Giacometti chairs paired with 18th century Italian consoles from Amy Perlin. Note the Giacometti coffee table book.  

Card table above from Cove Landing, NYC.



I look forward to seeing more work from them.

They have really adorable little boys ages three and one. Vogue has some cute pictures of them in the issue, one shows the older boy in a pirate outfit. While the Miscynskis may be able to count the Eisners and the Cruises as their clients, it sounds like the same thing is going on at their house as mine…

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