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Mixing Light & Dark Wood

Often times clients ask how to incorporate their existing wooden furniture and antiques with new pieces. I like to mix woods and am not afraid to do so. The challenge is creating a balance in the room while keeping all of the proportions in mind. Here are some good examples of mixing light, dark and painted wood furniture.

In this room, the darker stain on the doors works well with the height of the ceiling.

While it’s nice to have different wood pieces, I love how the screen enhances this corner.

The buffet in this dining room helps ground an otherwise lighter space.

The different woods in this room help keep it feeling balanced, and work well with the light floors.

Having several side and occasional tables in a variety of finishes helps stimulate visual interest.

I am also a fan of mixing woods from different periods, but I will save that for another post.

Photo Credits: Bunny Williams (1-5) Sills Huniford (6) Suzanne Tucker (7)

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