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It is not hard to make a few changes to a room that have a big impact. This client was a ton of fun to work with and we made a few small updates to her living room. Working on a tight budget and a short deadline the living room was transformed from a 1995 PB catalog look to a young, fun and hip new space. DIY requires time, energy and homework. If you are committed to it you can find some great pieces.

We found these bamboo chairs here in Charlotte at Sleepy Poet for $125 a chair.


She was having a shower for a good friend in less than 4 weeks….so we had to pick a fabric for the chairs instantly. no shipping time allowed. We met at Calico Corners since I knew that they had some fresh new fabrics in and we left with a few yards. A couple rounds of Krylon Super White Spray Paint and two new chairs. SO MUCH BETTER!


If you missed the BEFORE/AFTER table skirt post click here. The frames above are vintage coins that my client found in the house when she moved in. She bought a pre-made frame and had them mounted on a white linen background. Be open to what can become art. It was easy and inexpensive idea that made for a great look.


With some left over table skirt fabric back sofa pillows were made and the front ones are from Z Gallerie.


So here is the whole room before


and after


They best part of how I got this client was she was reading Erika Powell’s blog URBAN GRACE. My sweet friend Erika did a post on me and my blog a few months ago. If you are a blogger you surely know Urban Grace, if you are one of my readers who doesn’t peruse all of the design blogs take some time to read Erika’s blog. She is a talented young designer and we became friends a long time ago working together at Victoria Hagan. She is very funny and just when you need it she will give you a good laugh. THANKS E!!!


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