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My Favorite Things: Red Doors

My eye is often drawn to the unexpected, to things that are a little different and not the obvious choice. Red doors fall into just that category, and I think they look great. I love the architecture on the house below, do you believe that it is in Nashville? That makes me like it even more because of the unexpected setting. Hugh Newell Jacobson is the brilliant architect behind this project. I think that the red door completes the facade.


He must like red doors too as he put one on the interior of the door at a home he designed in Massachusetts.


All over the world red doors seem to be a choice. In Portugal…


in New Mexico


At the Chinese Summer Palace. 


or in New England.


Even on the interior this is so smart looking.


or for sliding closet doors.


Now if I can just find one in Charlotte…are you a fan?

Photo Credits: Hugh Newell Jacobsen (1,2) Panoramio (3) KimAshley (4) China Summer Palace (5),  Flickr (6),Tim Clinch (7), Apartment Therapy (8)

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