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My Favorite Things: Round Barns

My love of round barns started when I was in college. I had a very serious photography hobby and would take long drives in upstate NY looking for old barns to photograph.

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It was in the days before digital cameras, so I now have big binders with pages filled of slides of countryside and barns.

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Round barns are hard to find as they were not built that frequently after the 1920’s. The one that have been restored to their original state are amazing.

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My favorite one….This round former cattle barn in Illinois was built in 1918 and restored in the 1990’s . Owner Bill Nolan restored the central silo, cedar shingled roof and four dormers.

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Can you imagine what a beautiful and interesting house this could be?

Photography Credits: Hoosier Round Barns, Eddy Lund, Shelburne Mueseum, VT, Tony Soluri published in Architectural Digest, June 2006

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