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Nesting Tables

Nesting tables are a little like traditional Russian stacking dolls, they fit perfectly together and look great as intended or apart. I like to recommend nesting tables as they can double as coffee tables, extra surface space for when you are entertaining and individual side tables. There are so many different ways you can ‘style’ your nesting tables too. Here are a few different ‘looks’…

These antique nesting tables appear to be there more for visual appeal then purpose in this large space.

These small nesting tables are barely noticeable but provide extra surface space, like a tiny drink table.

These larger nesting tables have a strong presence in this room decorated by Steven Gambrel.

Discrete nesting tables (can you spot them?) on the left hand side are hidden away until you need them.

These more modern, boxy nesting tables are being used as a coffee table and could easily be used side tables if more floor space were needed.

Yesterday we installed three of our five commercial projects, and we used nesting tables in one of the offices…

Photos to come soon!


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