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NOLA recap

Last week I was blogging from Baton Rouge, Louisiana as we were there visiting my husband’s family. We had a great trip, and I spent a wonderful day in New Orleans. New Orleans is a city like none other. It has so much character and flavor, along with terrific shopping and restaurants. Many of my stops were on Magazine Street, and the great thing about shopping in New Orleans is that there is a real mix of what you can find. Here are a few to put on your list for next time you are there…

Perch Home has an eclectic offering of furniture, lighting and accessories and is in a great space.





Eddie Ross borrowed this great looking Zinc table last year from Perch for his room at the New Orleans Homes & Garden show.


Fifi Laughlin makes some of my favorite lamps. With all sorts of shapes, bases and colors one can create a custom lamp or choose from her beautiful arrangement of existing lamps. We had been emailing for a long time and I was happy to get to meet her. 



A trip to NOLA wouldn’t be complete with out a stop at Amanda Talley’s studio & gallery. I love her work and we had a great time talking about her art and design. The world gets so small…a man came in who had just purchased some of her work and we while talking we realized that we had been at Vanderbilt at the same time and had many mutual friends. 



Amanda also writes a great blog where she shares her sources of inspiration and a peek into life in NOLA.


I made a quick stop into Julie Neill which has beautiful chandeliers and sconces.



 Piranesi Antiques carries a well-rounded selection of antiques. I didn’t get to take any pictures but they are on 1st Dibs and worth a stop if you are near the shop.



I met my husband for lunch and we took a wonderful drive up St. Charles and looked at the gorgeous houses with huge windows, beautiful architectural features and the old oak trees that overhang. It was a drive that I had done with my mother about fifteen years ago and even though New Orleans has been through so much, the feeling and beauty of it had not changed.  

If you have some other spots I should go to next trip please let me know….


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