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oh so Kreativ

A big thank you to Sanity Fair for giving me the Kreativ Blogger award.

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With this blog award I am supposed to share seven things about myself and list seven blogs that are creative. My entire blogroll is one creative group of people so it is hard to pick seven.

1. I love fall and wearing fall clothes. I really get excited about cooler temperatures, boots and coats. I like cool weather, not cold weather.

2. When it comes to design elements I prefer a well planned, less cluttered room, a great printed linen, a mix of old and new pieces and a pretty color on the wall.

3. I am super busy. To keep myself somewhat sane I go to a pilates class.

4. I am extremely grateful for my blog readers. You all have kept coming back, and I am deeply appreciative. Thank you for all of your comments, emails and support. I have made a bunch of blogging buddies at the same time that I hope to connect up with at some point.

5- I love red licorice, hot tea and magazines.

6- No chintz & no coconut. Can’t do either, sorry I was just born that way.

7- I somehow manage to find time for a new episode of Project Runway or Ugly Betty.

These bloggers are not only creative but also have taken the time to email with me, entertain my blogging questions, and just in general been really e-friendly to me. I am sending the Kreativ Blogger Award to:

1. Velvet & Linen

2. Style Court

3. PVE Design

4- Brilliant Asylum

5- Urban Grace

6-Grant K. Gibson

7- Simply Seleta

8- Chic Coles (with an overdue thank you to all the Coles girls who also gave me a blog award two weeks ago).

9- House & Life

10- Sarah’s Fab Day

oops, I couldn’t keep it to seven. happy clicking! Back to the eye candy tomorrow.

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