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on Mother's Day

In honor of Mother’s Day I share with you a few traits about myself that came from my mother. I love hand written letters and nice stationary.  I appreciate that as a child my mother had me send out timely thank you notes with as the best handwriting I could muster. In this day of email, twitter and texting I say long live the handwritten letter. Whether you like a more traditional note or a younger looking card, everyone appreciates a letter or thank you note in the mail.

Mrs. John L. Strong Stationary   (now gone 5.22.09)


Whitney English’s fun notecards.


I wish my handwriting had been this beautiful!


I grew up outside of New York City. She gave me an appreciation of the arts and music, and I fondly remember our  “New York Days”.  She also taught me how to work in the garden. Our azaleas were recently in bloom. 


On Mother’s Day I am grateful for my two little boys. Normal Rockwell got it right.


Sometimes I have the feeling that they are thinking this…


but they are really as sweet as can be….


My mother influenced my creative side, without that I wouldn’t be a designer or blogger!

What did your mom impart onto you?

Happy Mother’s Day!

Photo Credits: Mrs. John L. Strong, Whitney English,  Love, Jenna (via Elements of Style), Norman Rockwell, Two Little Boys

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