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On The Right Side of the Bed

By using a variety of different styling techniques one can easily change the look of a bed. The integration of pillows, bedskirts, headboards, style of bed frame and type of bedding can alter the overall impression that a bed gives. In addition, depth and texture can be added with color and the use of different materials. My favorite way to style a bed is to use three Euro sized pillows across the back then to add front shams and pillow throws. Phoebe Howard creates a subtle but pretty look here by using a headboard, bedskirt, plain duvet and five extra decorative pillows.

This simplistic bed and neutral palette room designed by Timothy Whealon creates a calming bedroom. The white upholstered headboard, different colored bed linens and pillows tie the bed in with the room decor.

This four poster bed and simple bed add to the vintage touches in this bedroom designed by Aidan Cassidy and Charles Teti. It’s interesting to think about how this picture would change with the use of pillows.

Large pillows, a textured coverlet and a pretty bed create a soothing environment. The classic pieces of furniture help this large space to be tranquil and inviting. Notice how the patterned pillows behind the white pillows add some depth to the look of the bed.

Using an accent colour on extra throw pillows on your bed can help tie in the bedding with the rest of the room decor. The headboard matches the color of the bedding, creating continuity in the room.

This darker, more masculine bedroom uses a variety of pillow shapes as well as a fur blanket at the foot of the bed to add texture and shape to this bedroom.

Marietta Himes Gomez creates a pretty bed by adding three layers of pillows and a simple duvet to create an inviting and tranquil bedroom.

How’s your bed styled? Any tips or tricks to share?

Image credits: Phoebe Howard (1), Timothy Whealon interiors (2),  Aidan Cassidy and Charles Teti for Elle Decor (3), Brian Gluckstein for House and Home (4), John Saladino for Elle Decor (5),  Andrew Halliday & David Greer for  House Beautiful (6), and Marietta Himes Gomez (7).

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