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Ornament Exchange

A few of my friends and I exchange ornaments every year.

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I love this tradition as I always pick one that I think reflects their personality, and in turn I am building a collection of ornaments with meaning.

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I fill in the tree with lots of fun ribbons and white lights, but I love putting each ornament on the tree and thinking about who gave it to me.

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There are lots of great crafty ideas on Martha Stewart’s website for making your own ornaments and fun projects to do with your kids.

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This weekend I am going to work on getting ornaments for friends that I exchange with as Christmas is five weeks from today. I don’t want to have to go to the post office after December 10th with the rest of Charlotte. This coming week I am also going to start addressing envelopes and working more on my gift list. While I have been covering Christmas, other bloggers have great ideas for Thanksgiving…Check out the Simplified Bee for kids Thanksgiving table ideas, Eddie Ross has a great example to make an Indian corn centerpiece, Pure Style Home’s Thanksgiving Table and Urban Grace for a yummy treat. Any other bloggers with Thanksgiving posts put it in the comments with what your post is on for everyone to read.

Do you love ornaments, do an ornament exchange or have an ornament tradition?

Photos via domestic wonder woman Martha Stewart

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