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Outside the Box

I’m always looking for new ideas on how to use furniture and various spaces in unexpected ways. I spotted this project by Phoebe & Jim Howard on Splendid Willow and love the unique way this bookcase is utilized.

What an innovative use of space by Amanda Nisbet I saw on Tobi Fairley’s blog.

What a great way to create a gallery. No wall space? No problem.

Hanging curtains in an interior doorway adds an element of warmth and texture.

The reclaimed doors below conceal a media cabinet. This is a great example of using every opportunity to create visual interest in a room.

Don’t be afraid of putting an antique chest in a bathroom. It adds just the right amount of character.

This coffee table is a Vietnamese bed, and using furniture in unintended ways can result in a unique and creative space. This is also a great example of mixing woods, a topic I discussed a few days ago.

Standing an etagere on top of a kitchen island is an ingenious way to use every bit of your space. The all-white serving pieces keep the open shelving from feeling too exposed or cluttered.

I love seeing collections, like these perfume bottles, displayed in interesting and open ways.

What a clever idea to put books in the fireplace.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

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