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Patina Style

One of my favorite new design books is Brooke and Steve Giannetti’s Patina Style. Many of you know Brooke from her fantastic blog,  “Velvet & Linen”. She and her husband Steve are the owners of Giannetti Home, a full-service architecture, interior, and landscape design firm as well as a home furnishings store in California. Steve is also a very talented artist and furniture designer. In Patina Style, they discuss their trademark look and how it can be achieved in any home. Last spring Brooke gave us a preview of some sketches that Steve and the book designer, Doug Turshen, had composed. From this:

To this:

The book is gorgeous and filled with great tips and ideas. “Swedish antiques capture our love of rustic and refined, and their beautiful gray color is one of the foundations of our palette”.

“We are drawn to textures that become more beautiful with age and are wonderful to touch.” Brooke and Steve also believe that pillows and bed linens are like artwork on a bed in that they add extra detail and color.

“We like rugs that have the same quality as aged velvet. They might have once been vibrant, but now the hues have mellowed.”

“Vintage shutters have so many fun and interesting uses indoors.” They can provide the illusion of windows where there are none and widen the look of a window when placed on either side.

“Plants and flowers can instantly add a touch of romance, subtle color, and life to a space.” This is particularly true in a bedroom, which Brooke and Steve agree should be an emotionally quiet space.

The Giannettis like to use leather or parchment books in their arrangements because they are very neutral. They also provide good perches for layering and height.

They also discuss collections and how to display them, like the china and silver stored in this secretary.

Brookes’ lovely home office is the back cover photo of Patina Style.

This is a design book that I will reference for years to come. Bravo to Brooke and Steve!

Image Credits: all images with permission from Velvet & LinenGiannetti Home and Patina Style.

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