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Right on Time

My parents have a beautiful Chinese Chippendale clock in their home that I have admired since I was little. My grandmother got it at Florian Papp in NYC in the 1950’s, and it is so pretty. I love a variety of antique clocks and how much personality they can add to a room.

The face of the clock,

and a closer look at the Chinoiserie scene.

When I was at their house last month I was thinking about how that clock adds so much to their living room. Often clocks are functional, but I think the most beautiful ones are those that are antique and make a visual impact. This large free standing clock looks like it adds a touch of history to an otherwise updated room.

This Italian apartment is steeped in history, a very small and unassuming antique clock on mantel piece seems like the right piece.

This next clock has been placed in a very unique and smart location- the landing.

Another Swedish Mora clock makes an impression in this hallway. It also works well that the mirror to the left is about the same height as the clock and meets the height of the slope of the ceiling underneath the top portion of the stairs.

This black Grandfather clock has a stately presence against the scenic wallpaper.

This old world French clock adds a practical component to this feminine kitchen

This Italian inspired home features a clock in a non-traditional location in front of the living room window.

The most important feature of a working Grandfather clock are the movements which control the chimes, time and hour strike.

The components of the clock below, which I find interesting…

Maybe my parents clock also tells you how I have been influenced by antiques. I have a true appreciation for them and their beauty. Avolli is having a sale worth checking out. Here are a few of the clocks

I’m usually right on time, let’s hope this week too.


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