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A few weeks ago I did a post on consignment shopping after seeing some great looking items at a local consignment store. If your home requires a few updates or you are putting it on the market there are ways to do it on a budget.  It requires a little DIY and homework but think of all of the satisfaction you will have. Take this old dresser for example I found on Sunset. It seriously needs an update…


After removing the back trim and drawer pulls the dresser was sanded. This is the result two coats of paint later and a faux pattern for the accent. Pretty good looking for $124 start to finish. 


Does your kitchen need an update? Kitchen cabinets often account for a good chunk of a kitchen budget. I would guess your cabinet frames and shelves are okay but take off the doors and strip them down yourself. New paint and handles can do wonders.


This knob is from Restoration Hardware is just $7.


 Ceramic tiles look just like stone for significantly less.

Updating a backsplash doesn’t have to break the bank.


Do you want a lighter looking kitchen but have a black dishwasher? Put a panel on the front of it.

picture-14 Do you need more shelving space in your pantry but don’t want to build in new shelving. You can get some good ones from Ikea (now open in Charlotte).


Does this one look a little bare to you? Paint it and mount a fiber board back to it with  faux grasscloth on it. It takes some work but can be done for under $200. 



Paint chairs or recover them in an unexpected color.


If you are not up for a re-upholstery job yourself, these chairs are at Target.

WOW- Fun and $299 for a cute chair. I’ll take it. Maybe I’d darken the feet on the first one myself. 



What do you think?  Let me know how you get crafty on a budget.

* Kitchen Photos from Southern Living

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