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Sloping Arms

Sloping arms on furniture are one of my favorite characteristics. They add visual elegance and can be very comfortable.  I like the contrast of this small vintage sofa with sloping arms opposite a large modern sofa.

This chair with sloped arms fits quietly in this bedroom.

These matching armchairs in Keri Russel’s home show off how beautiful sloping arms can be.

Guest desk chairs with sloping arms create an inviting, casual office space.

A good spot to read, especially when the arms are upholstered.

This sitting room is pretty with the sloped arms chairs around the round table.

Are you a fan too?

Image Credits: John Loecke for Lonny Magazine (1), Scott Sanders for House Beautiful (2), Kerri Russel & Shane Deary in Elle Decor (3), Patrick Printy for Elle Decor (4), West Elm (5), and House and Home (6).

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