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I was talking with a client recently and she said to me, “it is amazing how many choices have been made within this house”. While it seems obvious, she was right; every small detail is a result of a choice.  Really good designers think about every choice and how they all work together. Take a look at these small choices with big results. Amy Morris’s drawer pulls and lyre back chair make for a beautiful desk.

Picture 8_2

A red coral mirror is a great color choice to add to a pink accented bathroom.

Picture 5_2_2

Accessories bringing art and a console together through interesting shapes and colors.

Picture 11

I love the choice to paint the floor and the banister.

Picture 3

There are no distractions from the floor with everything else being painted white and the subtle chrome hardware.

Picture 4

The always popular Miles Redd dine-in library would be completely different without the color block painting by Leona Armstrong and the additional hints of pink throughout the bookshelves and on the lamp.

Picture 2

One of my favorite choices is those that are done in this room by Suzanne Kasler. The all white room with varying throw pillows matching in their spots on different sofas. The stools and lucite tables all work well together. The vase on the mantle says it all. I love all of her small choices.

Picture 1_2

The best thing about small choices is they don’t have to be expensive. Even a small vase of flowers can do wonders to a kitchen counter. What small choices have you made lately?

Photo Credits: Emily Followill via Things That Inspire, via VT Interiors Library, via Verdigrisvie, via HB, via Domino, Thomas Loof for HB, Suzanne Kasler

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