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the curved staircase

Interior architectural details such as moldings, archways and paneling can certainly add a great deal of character and visual interest to a room. Staircases though can fully transform the feeling of a room and often set the tone for the interior design. Dating back centuries the curved staircase is an architectural element that is one of my favorites, as seen in Spanish and Roman Palazzo’s.

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It is interesting to see how far the concept has come. For example, Frank Gehry’s staircase at the new Art Gallery of Ontario is reflective of the modern art.

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I.M. Pei’s staircase in the Glass Pyramid at the Louvre.

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The staircase at Winterthur is a classic.

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The beautiful, curved double staircase at Mrs. Howard in Atlanta is one of my favorites.

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Christopher Maya’s design at the 2009 Kips Bay Showhouse.

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Kelly Wearstler always has a modern and chic approach to her staircases. I love the coral colored front door opening into black and white.

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The staircase at the Hotel Lotti where I have stayed in Paris.


Garry Cohen’s design for the Cliff House Hotel in Ireland. I love the changing tones of the colors.

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Modern and classical staircases, I love them all. Which do you love?

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