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The Fletcher Residence

I got such a positive response by featuring Hugh Newell Jacobsen’s Fletcher House in Nashville in Monday’s post on Red Doors. Thanks to my readers for all of your emails and comments! So many of you were curious to see what the inside of the house looks like so I emailed his office. They were so nice to share the interior photos with me taken by acclaimed architectural photographer Robert C. Lautman. I love the clean lines and the mid-century modern furniture. Ann at Hill Country House and I were emailing about driving around in Nashville looking for the house. I wrote to her that it was probably down a long driveway and we might not be able to see it. The site plan at the end tells me that I was right. I will enjoy the images and hope you do too. 




The architecture speaks for itself. The furniture is functional and respectful. I would love to sit there and play the piano.




Beautiful how the light comes in at different angles.




I think in my next go around I will be an architect. I really can look at architectural drawings for hours. This is a very smart and thoughtful floor plan. There is no wasted space and each space functions well. The flow is ideal and there is still a strong separation between the private (bedrooms) and public spaces. I also like how the garage is tucked right in there.


Site Plan (note long driveway…)



Photo Credits: Robert C. Lautman

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