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Time Traveller

In my posts I frequently reference historical architectural styles and design movements that influence current trends. When talented Atlanta based artist Tina Steele Lindsey left me a comment on a recent post saying she would love to be a time traveller, I couldn’t have agreed more. She’s got a great site and blogclick here to check it out. For those readers in and around Atlanta Tina exhibits her work at Gallery 4463, but largely sells on a commission basis. Contact her here for interest.

I will be starting a new series called Time Traveller exploring past architects, artists, designers, historians, styles and other design influences. Here is a recap on what I have done so far in case you missed any of my early posts….

After reading Pillars of the Earth I wrote about the Gothic Revival style,

and Ancient Greek and Roman architecture set impeccable architectural standards and has since inspired architects and designers. Greek Revival style as seen in a restored home by architect Gil Schafer in NY

and the Greek Key, a design motif often used.

Italian Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio and his Palladian influences are seen all over the world.

I wrote about the timeless style of David Hicks and his influence on contemporary design, and

back when I was a newbie blogger I looked at Piet Mondrian and the influence of his work.

Tori Mellot picked up on it in the February 2009 issue of Domino.

One of the masters- Le Corbusier– and his exponential influence on modern architecture, design and furniture and also

William Morris& Elsie de Wolfe and their influences on classical architecture, interior design, fabrics, wallpapers and furniture.

Thanks to Tina for inspiring a more concise blog series for these posts.

Where should I time travel to next? Modern, classics, the Far East. I will get to it all, just stick with me.

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