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Timothy Corrigan

Timothy Corrigan is a very talented and diverse design powerhouse – not only does he have a profile filled with stunning interior design, he also specializes in restoration, home goods and antiques.

His feature in the April issue of Architectural Digest caught my eye so here’s a look at his work.

Timothy is known for his eye for everything Old World – these next images demonstrate his skilled ability to bring it all together.

Based in Paris and LA, Timothy has been named one of the Top 100 by Architectural Digest.

His restoration work is famous, as his talent has been employed by celebrities and royals worldwide.

This unique design in a kitchen-adjacent room made me stop and look twice.

How amazing is this bedroom? Fit for modern day royalty!

Striking color and grand features make this hallway (as shown in Luxe Magazine) truly unforgettable.

Timothy and his team also recently started a blog where you can read all about the behind-the-scenes action from a recent shoot.

A truly unique perspective of how much work goes into these shoots!

All images from the Timothy Corrigan website.

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