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Trad Home

Trad Home is the fantastic new online magazine published by Traditional Home.

A big thank you to Courtney Barnes- aka Style Court – for including me in her article for the premier issue of Trad Home. She asked me about object-driven design and creating personal spaces for clients. This is an important aspect of the design process and building good client relationships. Right now I am working on a project where we going to incorporate much of the couples travel photography onto a gallery wall in their family room. I have a quilt that my great-grandmother made at the end of our bed, and I love having personal touches in my house as well. Meaningful art, family heirlooms, and treasured possessions are all elements that make a house feel like a home.


Lucky me to be included in the article with the talented Angie Hranowsky.

What’s important to you in your house? I hope you enjoy the article!


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