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Transitional Wreaths

Every November 1st I begin thinking about Christmas and start crafting a week-by-week plan to make my favorite holiday the best it can be. There are eight weeks until Christmas so each week until then one post will be dedicated towards getting ready for Christmas. I hope that all of the posts are helpful for you to plan along with me. This will make the last week much easier and more enjoyable. As I get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas, a wreath is a nice way to transition through the holidays.

Picture 39

If you like to have a wreath on your door for Thanksgiving that lasts through the New Year I think Magnolia wreaths are beautiful. They last a long time, don’t dry out and can be changed during the season. A fall magnolia wreath can easily be changed to have a more traditional Christmas feel.

Picture 12

Picture 38

By changing the ribbons and ornamentation you can get different looks out of one wreath.

Picture 36

Picture 37

Magnolia wreaths are all green or the traditional mixed leaves.

Picture 35


What I am doing this week for Christmas:

– Getting a transitional wreath for my front door.

– Going through my address book to update addresses as needed. Counting how many Christmas cards I need to order and round up to the nearest 25 increment.

– Ordering holiday stamps online at USPS.com. Skipping the line at the post office.

-Start working on the kids pictures and look at Christmas Cards. Try to get two and three year old boys to sit together in cute outfits before they get dirty. Wish me luck.

What are you doing to get started for the holidays? Let me know what’s in your early planning stages.

Photo Credits: BHG, Southern Living, Charleston Gardens

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