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When I was younger, I had a vanity in my room. I didn’t call it a vanity however, it was a ‘dressing table’ – a term I never hear anymore.
Regardless of its name, I will always be a fan of the look.
Suzanne Kasler’s signature chair tucked under a mirrored vanity is very pretty.
I love this use of modern wallpaper with an antique mirror and furniture that has a vintage feel.
Styling makes a vanity even that much more lovely.
I love the detail in this vignette.
A peek at a few more modern vanities…
This vanity is the perfect complement to its beautiful bathroom.
Every little girl deserves her own dressing table and this one is especially lovely.
This unique table and various decor create an attractive and functional vanity without being overly feminine.
Do you have a vanity or a dressing table in your home? What do you call yours?
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